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The Big Score – Theft of the Millennium Diamond

The Heist of the Century

Quick Details


Take Part in the Greatest Heist at our Escape Room in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

Project Escape’s first scenario, “The Heist of the Century”, casts players as highly-skilled thieves recruited to steal one of the most famous gems in the world for their employer — the Shrouded Hand. Unfortunately, the diamond’s owner is the Viper, one of the bosses of the Syndicate, a rival theft ring with a reputation for ruthlessness. Teammates are tasked with breaking in, stealing the diamond, and finding their way out before the Viper and his henchmen return!


Our room/s have a 10 person capacity. If you do not have a full 10 person group, there is a chance that you will be paired with another group who wants to do the room at the same time slot. The only way to guarantee that you have a private group is to book the entire room!

We recommend at least eight players for each room! Invite your friends, they won’t regret it!